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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Love 101

Right. Here we go.

Abuse of the English language aside, one thing a lot of people seem unable to grasp is the concept of love. OK, OK, OK…. Keep your hair on. Let me be clear.

There are many different forms of love. And there is a VAST difference between loving someone and being IN love with someone. Also some people seem to confuse LUST with love. (I could name quite a few people here, but I shan’t)

So I love my biological brother. He is family and there is a bond there. But, honestly, I don’t like him very much. That’s a kind of love. I love my family differently than I love my friends.

I *DO* love my friends. And I tell them that. I say “I love you” – sometimes during conversations – and it freaks some people out. So for the record, here is what I mean when I say to you “I love you”.

I mean that I care about you. That there is a place in my heart for you. That I miss you when you aren’t around. That I feel a bond to you. That I care about what happens to you. That I want only the best for you. I mean that seeing you happy makes me happy.

I am not *in* love with you. And, honestly, I don’t know if that’s something I will be able to feel again after my past – but things change I guess. When I’m in love, I can’t get the person I am in love with out of my mind. And my heart physically hurts to be separated from them. And that scares the shit out of some people, apparently, especially if that same level of love and devotion is not reciprocated from them.

So to my friends, know what I mean when I say ‘I love you’. Because I have a heart larger than you can fathom. And each and every one of you holds a little piece of it in your hands. It’s delicate, and it hurts easily. So don’t abuse it. Don’t treat it with careless abandon. It’s a treasure. And once it’s been wounded, that piece dies, with very little chance of revival.

So thank you to my friends for accepting my love. And for those of you who return that love – thank you. When you feel alone – remember: I love you.

Just sayin.....

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Facebook Fury

Ok – so I’m partially a facebook junkie. I admit it. I do with facebook what I do with my refrigerator. I return every once in a while to see if something new or appetizing miraculously appeared while I was gone. And usually – not much. But lately – two things have been occurring which seriously piss me off!!

/Start rant

I was intrigued by a notification which read “Whatshis Name has tagged you in a picture”. And I clicked on the notification to see a picture of Whatshis Name. And I noticed he has tagged not just me, but like 30 other people in his picture. And I found my blood boiling.

Firstly – the picture was clearly not me. (Not that it matters, but it was nothing like me). So don’t bloody tag me in it. Secondly – I then had to try and figure out a way to UNTAG myself. This is quite an endeavor on facebook – because they keep changing the rules. I managed to untag myself and then promptly deleted Whatshis from my friends, and blocked him permanently, and uttered a curse to the universe upon his fake-tagging ass.

What troubles me is the motivation. Now don’t get me wrong, I am flattered someone thought of me – but don’t tag me in something I am not in. Don’t try and boost your friends list by piggy backing on other peoples friends who will want to see the picture they are tagged in. Is it just me? I mean – how would you feel if you were tagged in a picture of someone else you are clearly not in?

I DO have to state though, that I have before been tagged in pictures which were of a humorous nature – as a way of a friend saying “I think you are like this” – I get that – and I can smile along with the rest of them. But not when it shows questionable motivation like the incident I mentioned – which – I may hasten to add, happened twice in a week…..

The other part of my rant today is still a facebook subject, and I have seen a number of people complaining about the same thing recently on their walls.

Almost every day, someone randomly adds me to a group they are in. Now don’t get me wrong here – Its nice to have some groups on facebook to which you can belong and meet  people with the same interests/likes etc, but it frustrates me that facebook allows people to add you automatically, without permission to a group which you have no interest or nothing in common with.

Now some of my Facebook friends have really taken offense to that – they have not only left the group immediately, but they have deleted and blocked the person who added them, and sworn the wrath of the gods upon them. That may be a tad extreme, but I see their point. It’s frustrating being added to a group without having the choice. Maybe facebook will change that policy – who knows.

In the mean time, as a courtesy, ASK ME – message me on facebook – say to me “hey, I’m in this group, would you like to be added?” and I can tell you right away yes or no.

JUST SAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/end rant.